Adult entertainers and cammodels often find themselves living under a layer of secrecy and need some privacy during working hours. However, this isn’t always possible when a performer is living with young kids, older parents, or nosy roommates who don’t know you’re an adult entertainer. This is my ultimate guide to camming for models who either don’t live alone, or often have company over and need to work with peace of mind. I have lived in several different homes with family and roommates and have had to cam discreetly without anybody finding out that I take off my clothes for a living.

This is my guide to camming secretly no matter how many people are in the house! There are THREE main components that I thought were most important to cover:

  1. PRIVACY (making sure nobody can see you)
  2. SOUND (making sure nobody can hear you)
  3. TRACKING (making sure you know where others in the house are)

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Obviously the best situation for camming while having others live with you is to simply work when they are out of the house. When adults are at work and the kids are at school.

Since the pandemic, most people are working from home and kids are going to school online with remote learning, and camming at night only can be hard if you’re not used to staying up late. Also, the everyday noises are much quieter at night and people can be light sleepers, or more attuned to any sounds you might make. 


I’m going to assume that you have a private room with a locked door all to yourself to work out of, whether it’s a bedroom or a basement or a closet, you want to make sure you have a private space all to yourself to set up your cam battlestation.

If you find yourself sharing a room, you’ll have to negotiate with the person you’re sharing with.  I found myself in this situation once before when I was living with cousins in a 2 bedroom apartment. I would tell her I need the room for “meetings” on certain days for certain hours, and she would be fine with it and just do her work on the dining room table.

DOOR: Make sure it’s always locked. I don’t even trust door locks, because I’ve come across finicky ones that can open from the other side if they’re not closed properly. If you are able to make PERMANENT changes to the door, add a deadbolt. Otherwise, if you are staying with family etc. and cannot drill holes, you can purchase a temporary lock called ADDALOCK for extra protection. This includes any shared bathroom doors, like a jack and jill type of bathroom where 2 bedrooms have access to 1 shared bathroom. I would always lock my side of the bathroom door just in case!


WINDOW: I had to cam on the ground floor once at my aunt’s house and she would have gardeners, pool maintenance guy, handymen always walking around the backyard, and they would have to pass by my window to get around. My cousins would also play in the backyard and have to pass by my window. I love natural light, but if you can be spotted from outside ESPECIALLY on the ground floor, you should draw the curtains or blinds. Again, if you are at your family’s house and cannot make permanent changes to the window, then you can get adhesive blinds from Home Depot or command hooks with a lightweight curtain rod or PVC pipe and hang a light curtain or bed sheet.
TALK TO OTHERS IN THE HOUSE: Some people are nosy and just barge right in without knocking (like my grandma!) whereas other people will knock first and try to get your attention. BOTH situations are scary when you’re spread eagle on the bed and talking dirty. If you can, try to tell your housemates or children that you are working, in a meeting, or trying to focus. If they need your attention, you can ask them to please TEXT your cell phone rather than knocking on the door. Some people will understand, others won’t. Might as well try it!


I found that sound was the biggest thing I struggled with when I wanted to cam when others were home. When I had the house to myself, I was as loud as I wanted to be without any concern, but with the pandemic we had seven people staying at the house all the time, it was never empty, and I could never be alone. I had to come up with the following strategy in order to cam safely and quietly.

BE AWARE OF ARCHITECTURE: Make sure you know which walls are shared with another person. If you are sharing a bedroom wall with someone, or the walls face a hallway that people often pass by, don’t set up your camming station against that wall! Try to put your cam set up away from any shared walls. This includes being aware of upstairs vs. downstairs.  When I was in my aunt’s house, I knew which corner of my basement bedroom was best because right above it was the walk-in closet for the master bedroom, which would get very few visitors. I knew that the basement theater room was a bad choice to cam in because right above it was the kitchen, and my cousins would often go there for a late night snack.

HOW TO DROWN OUT YOUR OWN SOUND: I also would put a towel under the door to dampen sound. I do not recommend buying any sound insulation or sound deadening material because it will not be enough, and I think it is a waste of money. A towel is cheap and easy and plenty enough for me.

Get a bluetooth speaker and pair it with your phone. Point the speaker towards your door or any shared walls. Play music from your Spotify playlist, youtube, soundcloud, whatever. I pick music that has no vocals or lyrics, just instrumental or lounge music. I’ve only had a few people ask why I play music when I’m working and I say it helps me focus, like chill beats to study to, etc.

HOW TO MAKE SURE CUSTOMERS CAN HEAR YOU: Get a wearable mic! I got a wireless bluetooth headset and mic for camming. I would talk as quietly as possible into it and the guy could hear me just fine. I don’t suggest whispering because it can wear out your vocal chords, but talking in a very low voice with the music on worked VERY well for me. I was doing this during the pandemic in a super full house filled with nosy people. They could not hear me at all, but my cam customers could hear me just fine. This also helps prevent customers from hearing anything you don’t want them to hear, such as when another person in the house knocks on your door and starts calling out your real name. Customers generally won’t  be able to hear anything other than your voice, as long as you have the mic close to your mouth and you are far away from the bedroom door that has music being played against it.

CAN YOU HEAR YOUR CUSTOMERS? You can use any pair of wireless headphones, I use air pods because I already had them, any wireless headphones will work. You can safely hear clients without the whole house hearing them moan and groan. Just be mindful of your own volume, I notice that when I wear headphones I sometimes speak louder than normal, so be aware of that! This setup is also great for phone sex if you have a wired set of headphone with the mic attached, you can put the mic right up to your mouth and speak in a low voice.

With this set up, you should be able to safely work on cam sites, do Skype shows, and phone sex while sitting at home with other people around. If you want to make content, I highly recommend taking lots of photos or short clips with a voice over when you’re at home, you can also make mp3s by talking into the mic quietly. If you want to make regular videos, you should rent an Airbnb (entire place) for a day and film content the entire time you stay there. Film as much content as you can. Then you can edit it all when you’re back home and wear headphones as you edit.


The last thing that helped me get through camming with others in the house was tracking their movements. This sounds really creepy and stalker-like, but I had to be paranoid for my own sanity! I’ve stayed in 5 different family households and gotten away with camming and doing sex work without anyone ever finding out. This method is mostly pre-pandemic, but it might help some of you so I’ll list it here as well.

KNOW OTHER’S SCHEDULES: Become intimately familiar with other people’s schedule. When they go to work, when they come home, which days are half days for school, what days the cleaners and gardeners come over. This worked for me, but I lived with teens and adults who can drive, so sometimes they would randomly come home for lunch real quick when I wasn’t expecting them. Because of this, I got a TINY little wireless security camera and hid it in the garage to see when cars were coming. I know it’s crazy, but I had to in order to save my skin. You can get a full security setup if you live there and own the house, but I was a guest and visitor so I couldn’t be doing that. I got a small camera that updates when you check your phone and hid it discreetly. I also removed it every afternoon when everyone was home for the day in case anybody found it and tossed it out or thought there was some stalker breaking into the house. If you’re staying in an apartment, you can get a motion detector thing for the front door. You stick it at the top and it’ll send a notification to your phone when it has moved, like when someone is entering the apartment.



Addalock Portable Door Lock


Logitech H600 Wireless headset


Audio Technica atgm2 Detachable Microphone


Anker Soundcore 2

Google Home Mini


Blink wireless security cam


Research for the best one for your situation! I personally didn’t use this.

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